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The HOUSE (or HAUS) of RAVYN is the Board of Ravyn Entertainment. The structure is as follows: The Founders, Owners,  and CEO: BRIAN PONCE, HM GAUTSCH, JOSH BARTZ, and TROY RETTSCHLAG; The Inner Circle (Board Officers): JAY SCHEKLER, JOSH SIEDSCHLAG, and DANI WASKO; other board members (Divison Heads, Pageant & Show Producers, Promoters, Assistants, Junior Promoters, etc) PD DUPREE, JESSYKA PONCE-SIERRA, JOSHUA PONCE-SIERRA, and JOEL DUFFRIN; and the Emeritus Board Members (Non Active): KURTIS HOPP, JASON DEMPSTER-PAULEY, MO BENJAMIN, MARK STEWARD, JOEY JADRYEV, and TINA MILLER.

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